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Compulsory Basic Training was introduced in 1990 as a legal requirement. Providing an introduction to motorcycling. Some basic machine control skills, theory and a road ride. Over the years, elements have been added to the CBT and every school and instructor develops their own ways of teaching these lessons.

At RoadRider we do not like to rush our students and plenty of time and tuition is given in the morning session to build confidence with the motorbike’s throttle, clutch, gears and brakes. In the afternoon we discuss hazard perception and general motorcycle roadcraft before embarking upon the 2hr road ride. Instructions are given over a radio whilst on the road. At the end of the lesson if your Instructor is happy you can ride safely unaccompanied, you will receive a DL196 CBT certificate.

  • At 16yrs old the CBT will allow you to ride up to a 50cc Moped.
  • At 17yrs and above, the CBT allows you to ride up to a 125cc Motorbike.
  • (L plates must be displayed. No passengers. No motorways)

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