So you want to learn how to ride but have no idea where to start?

Had a look at the Government website and got more confused?
Ok, so let’s have a look at your options. First of all there are some Legal requirements, training and possibly tests, depending upon how far you want to go. Your age, height and finances may pose some restrictions. And so I will cover these points below.

Legal Requirements
The minimum age for training is 16 years old. You must have a valid Provisional or Full Driving Licence. Apply here: DRIVING LICENCE
You will also need a training bike(s), Insurance, helmet and safety clothing. Which is included in our price.

The first lesson you take on a motorcycle is called CBT. This is a compulsory basic training course, which takes a day to cover all the basics of safe road riding. Training can be taken on an automatic or manual (geared) motorcycle. The CBT covers theory and safety talks, car park exercises and a RoadRide.

The CBT is not a test, simply a basic training course. However, your Instructor must feel you have sufficient bike control and a safe understanding and approach to the road.

Once completed, a DL196 certificate is issued which gives you ‘Learner’ status for 2 years. This allows you to ride a 50cc moped if 16 years old or 125cc if 17 or older. L plates must be displayed and no passengers carried or motorways used.

We also provide Pre & Post CBT lessons.
Ideal for the total novice. This half day consists of the car park elements, mainly getting used to the bike and building confidence. It cuts out some of the safety talks and takes the pressure of the road ride off.
Also available is Post-CBT training. Starting out on the road on 2 wheels can be very daunting and although the CBT is all some need, many would benefit from a little extra training and support gaining confidence on our busy roads.

Further Training and Tests
For those wishing to upgrade from their learner status, or simply by-pass riding a 125cc on L plates and go straight in for a full licence, there are a few options.
17-18yrs old. You may take the A1 Test. This is taken on and allows you to ride a 125cc motorcycle. No L plates. Passengers and motorway use allowed.
19=21yrs old. You can take the A2 Test. Training and tests are taken on a 500cc bike. There is no engine size restriction to this licence yet the maximum brake horse power allowed is 47BHP. After 2 years or when 24 the full A Test can be taken.
24yrs or older. At this age you can go straight in for the A Test. Training is referred to as Direct Access or DAS. There are no engine size or power restrictions once this Licence is obtained.

The Theory and Hazard Perception test must be taken before the Practical tests to prove you have some Highway Code knowledge. You can book a Theory Test through this link.. https://www.gov.uk/book-theory-test

Module 1 – This short test (approx. 10 min) is to assess your machine control. Involving various manoeuvres, some slow speed and some high (32mph). Only once this test is passed can you take module 2.
Module 2 – The road test is about 30 minutes long, with the Examiner following, giving directions and assessing your ride. The route will cover various speed limits, junctions, everyday traffic situations and hazards.
To take the tests you must have a valid Provisional/Full UK Driving Licence, CBT certificate and Theory certificate.

Bikes used
We hire various mopeds, Yamaha YBR 125, Suzuki GS500 and Honda NC750S.

Height restrictions
Sorry but the shortest we can accommodate is 5’3”. If you are concerned about the weight/height/size of the bikes, then please call in and you can have a sit on them before booking. We can also arrange temporary insurance if you have a suitable bike for training but no cover.

If you are interested in getting started, please check the CBT page

If you want to go further then check out our COURSES page….

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